European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) is an annual engineering competition organised by the Board of European Students of Technology (BEST). EBEC spreads in 32 countries with the mission to develop students by offering them the opportunity to challenge themselves in solving a theoretical or a practical problem. Students form teams of four and are called upon to solve an interdisciplinary Team Design or Case Study task, thus addressing students from all the fields of engineering.

Bringing together students, universities, companies, institutions and NGOs, EBEC aims at taking out students’ full range of multidisciplinary knowledge and personal skills and applying this potential into solving real-life problems by working in teams.

EBEC Project is under the core service of BEST to provide complementary education. During the competition, active and inquisitive students have the chance to apply the knowledge gained through university, to challenge themselves, to broaden their horizons, to develop their creativity and communication skills. These being fundamental elements of the competition, EBEC contributes in the support and advancement of the technological education, as well as in the promotion of a collaboration in a multicultural environment.

In 2019, EBEC Final Round will be held in Turin.

EBEC is a competition that spreads all over Europe reaching thousands of students, universities and companies. But what makes EBEC unique is not only the numbers and the technical outcomes, but the renowned “EBEC spirit”, that is the atmosphere surrounding the competition consisting of the teamwork, the unbound creativity being interlinked with knowledge, the strive for the best of oneself. This is what makes students passionate to participate and to work for the best solution, what brings professors and experts to offer their expertise and knowledge for the transparency of the competition, what makes the companies want to support the competition again and ensure that students deal with current technological problems and of course what makes BEST members continuously work more and more passionately to develop the competition. This is what brings all these people together for a common goal, to “Design the Future. Today.”


The idea of competitions was introduced in BEST through the Canadian Engineering Competitions (CEC) organized by Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES). Members of BEST visited CEC in 2002 as guests and the idea of organising such competitions was discussed in that same year during BEST General Assembly. This is when the story of BEST Competitions begins, with the first BEST European Engineering Competition (BEEC) being organised in Eindhoven in 2003, the first National Round taking place in Portugal in 2006 and the very first EBEC Final being organised in Ghent in 2009 with finalists selected among 2300 participants from 51 universities in 18 countries, marking the completion of EBEC Pyramid.



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