EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition) is the biggest engineering competition for students in Europe, which is annually organised by BEST. The main purpose of the event is to develop, improve and test the engineering knowledge and skills of the students and to push their limits further by solving an interdisciplinary technological challenge

In order to accomplish this, EBEC is organised as a team-based competition on 2 categories – Innovative Design and Case Study, and structured in a pyramidal form with 3 levels: local, national or regional and international.


Innovative Design is a practical challenge that requires design, creation and presentation of a prototype model that can successfully meet specific construction and operation criteria, all done in a limited amount of time and through the use of limited resource materials.


Case Study is a theoretical problem-solving challenge. Its solution requires the analysis, creation and presentation of a technological solution for a current engineering, economical and social problem, all within a limited amount of time and resources..

EBEC - Local

The EBEC story starts every year in autumn, in 52 cities from 19 European countries.

In our region – Romania & Republic of Moldova, the local rounds take place in 5 of the most important technical university centers, which host a BEST group, more precisely Bucharest, Brasov, Iasi, Cluj-Napoca and Chisinau.

All the participating students in these cities need to show their creativity, teamwork and management skills in order to achieve all the practical, real-situations related tasks, that only a great engineer can resolve.

The final result – a new network of talented, passionate and keen on involvement students finding, at least theoretically, new solutions to the problems of local communities.

EBEC - Regional

Every year, the best teams from the local rounds, in each category – Innovative Design and Case Study, meet together to face new challenges on the national level.   

In all of Europe, 9 National and Regional Rounds prepare the participants to design a better future.

For us – Romania & Republic of Moldova, the regional round will take place this year in Iasi, on 13-16 May 2022.

The best 10 teams from Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Brasov, Chisinau and Bucharest will work on finding the best solutions or ways to the presented situations.

EBEC - Final

The Final Round of EBEC is the most prestigious round of the EBEC Pyramid, gathering the best 70 students who have won their Local Rounds, advanced to their National Regional Round and by winning, they gained access to the diamond head of EBEC: the Final Round.

Highly talented and skilled students immerse in a dynamic, multicultural and innovative environment where students, companies and universities share and gain knowledge about the world of tech.

A world in which at the last EBEC Final Edition, the teams from Romania & Republic of Moldova were winners on both Innovative Design and Case Study Categories.

This year, the final will take place in Zagreb, Croatia.