EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition) is the biggest engineering competition for students organised by BEST. The main purpose of the event is to develop, improve and test the engineering knowledge and skills of the students all among the Europe. EBEC is structured in a pyramidal form with 3 levels, the local rounds, national rounds & the final round, where the best teams will get the title of “BEST Engineers of Europe”. EBEC is a team-based competition on 2 categories – Team Design and Case Study.

With the goal of further acquiring transversal skills the winning teams of the local rounds move to the next phase.The teams which proves to be the most efficient, creative and successful at the end of competition finale is the big winners. EBEC project begins functioning every year by the first Local EBEC Round that is conducted in Europe; afterwards moving onward with several other Local EBEC Rounds as well as National/Regional EBEC Rounds and reaches an end by a EBEC Final event that is organised in beginning of August.

EBEC - Local

The EBEC story starts every year in the autumn. The local rounds take part in 5 BEST groups in Romania & Republic of Moldova, more exactly Bucharest, Brasov, Iasi, Cluj, Chisinau. In every city, students from all the university are challenged by the tasks of the rounds created by the companies or the BESTies. The participants need to demonstrate their engineering skills and show their knowledge to get the chance to go to the next round. Only two teams (the winners of Case Study and the winners of Team Design) from every city has the chance to go to the national round.

EBEC - National

The story continues with the new chapter, this one is more provocative for  the future engineers of the Europe.

The national round is called EBEC Romania & Republic of Moldova and is the phase where the event go further in the expectations of the organisers and the companies. In Romania the national round takes part in 9-13 May 2019 in Bucharest. There will participate 10 teams, 2 from each Local BEST Group who organised an local EBEC. More exactly, the participants will come from Cluj, Iasi, Chisinau, Brasov and of course Bucharest.

You can find info about the schedule here and read some experiences right here.

There are 15 national & regional rounds in the whole Europe. The winners of every local rounds come from 32 countries, and only the best participants will have the chance to go to the Final Round of EBEC.

EBEC - Final

This is the final chapter of the EBEC story! After fighting in knowledge with engineering students from their countries, now the winners will have to challenge the best students from all around Europe.

There will be 30 teams in the final, half of the teams are competing in the Team Design and the other half in the Case Study. But there will be only two winners, who will take the title of the best engineers of the Europe!

The challengers come from more than 80 of the greatest European universities. The final will take part in Torino in 2019.

For more info about the Final Round you can find on the official site.