BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) is a non-political, non-profit and student organization. One of its fundamental purposes is to promote communication, cooperation and scientific and technological development among students all over Europe.

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EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition) is the biggest engineering competition for students organised by BEST. The main purpose of the event is to develop, improve and test the engineering knowledge and skills of the students all among the Europe. EBEC is structured in a pyramidal form with 3 levels, the local rounds, national rounds & the final round, where the best teams will get the title of “BEST Engineers of Europe”. EBEC is a team-based competition on 2 categories – Team Design and Case Study.


Team Design is a practical, hands-on project-based challenge that requires the design, creation, and presentation of a prototype model. While providing a task for this category, the company can capture a variety of engineering fields: electronics, radio engineering, and others.​


This category is a theoretical, problem-solving challenge that requires the analysis, research, deliberation, testing, and presentation of a solution for a current economical, legal, or social problem.


For me, EBEC is a tradition, if I can say this. I participated at Case Study section 3 years in a row – in the 1st year I didn’t pass the local round, in the 2nd year I go to the final round in Belgrade, where we classed on the 4th position, and in the 3rd year we managed to steal the light of the flashlights and get back home with the 1st prize from Brno final. EBEC means for me adventure, sincerely, because it’s challenging my intellectual skills, and also the social one’s and interpersonal. I met so many different persons, I made so many friends all around the Europe, and bonus, the contacts from the partner companies. The answer is simple: I wanted to participate at EBEC. Because from all the contests which I participated, this was the one who made me to grow up the most, on all the plans.

Lorena Ioana Cornea

1st place, EBEC R&RM 2017, Case Study

George Ramses

1st place, EBEC R&RM 2017, Team Design

This contest means to us all the values of the life of a student: ambition, curiosity, emotion, fun, risk, friendship. Next to the best colleagues and the best friends, we had the honor to take part of the big EBEC family which transced beyond any border or language, we take part of something bigger than us and we feel the challenge of every moment. It was a wonderful experience, we build, we made mistakes, we start all over again, we enjoyed every limit moment, we risked and in the final we won.
We will never forget these great moments and I think for sure that the best moments had just began.

The EBEC R&RM Team

EBEC Romania & Republic of Moldova is a team of BESTies from the various romanian Local Groups working together to offer a great experience in every possible way you can think about, to develop student’s skills and making them to interact with companies from all around the country.